Netflix: This new scary and addictive series will haunt you!

If you’re ready to embark on a frightening and addictive adventure, know that Netflix has the perfect series in its catalog.

If you don’t have a chance to watch the series yet Archives 81 On Netflix, know it’s time to catch up. You will be captured by This frightening and addictive feat. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Warning, this article may contain spoilers!

Netflix or the streaming giant

Competition is increasingly fierce in the field of video on demand services. between Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, Salto Or even OCS, moviegoers often don’t know where to turn.

But if there’s one platform that seems to stand out, it’s Netflix. In fact, SVOD in the red N unanimous Among movie lovers.

This is for a simple and good reason, which is to create Reed Hastings and Mark Randolph He continues to invent new things. without a goal? Promote production in the world.

lupine, For example, France is not honored. from his side, catla Allows subscribers to discover Iceland. but that is not all ! dark It takes us straight to Germany. whereelite It makes you want to travel to the Spanish regions.

Yes! Netflix intends to allow all countries to show their talents. The least we can say is that This great idea seems to appeal to everyone.

So far, the VOD . service is counted Over 220 million people were occupied. Evidence that the latter has nothing to envy over his competitors. exactly the contrary.

But if Netflix breaks records, there is no doubt about it The rest is on its laurels. A whole new achievement has seen the light of day. It is ‘Archives 81A scary, yet incredibly addictive series. MCE TV tells you more!

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Netflix: This new scary and addictive series will haunt you!

Archive of 81 Must-Watch Series

Released a few weeks ago on Netflix, the series Archives 81 quickly conquered Horror movie lovers. And for good reason! The story that is being told is simply frightening.

Archivist Dan Turner is working on a restorationA bunch of damaged videos In the early 1990s, he then discovered the work of a documentary filmmaker who was investigating a dangerous cult. Dan is convinced that he can save her from the horrific ending she met 25 years ago…”

This is the summary published online by Allociné. Mouth-watering summary And that already advertises the color. But apart from the thrilling plot, the production team has also put together a 5-star cast.

Dina Shihabi, Matt McGorry, Mamoudou AtheyJulia Chan and Evan Junkett. Lots of comedians who did not fail to make a splash thanks to their outstanding acting.

Once you see a file The first episode of the Netflix seriesYou won’t be able to stop. Anyway, one thing is for sure, that Visser is just as likely to attract you as it is to you Heroes of this achievement ! So don’t hesitate anymore and go on this supernatural adventure!

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