Netflix: These eagerly awaited kisses in “Shadow and Bone”!

Netflix is ​​causing a stir on social media by sharing it on Shadow and Bone. The platform reveals the long-awaited kisses.

Netflix just loaded Video Most of the kisses expected in the series Shadow and Bones. Fans agree completely. MCE TV tells you everything from the ground up! Spoilers Beware!

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Netflix has always had a weakness for its fans. Actually, There is no shortage of chain on the platform And many of them are waiting impatiently.

Who killed Sarah, strange things or External banks. Many achievements that caused a sensation among the audience. newly, Shadow and Bones Put all fans of great literature in turmoil.

But not only. Many followers of the genre appreciated the series created by Eric Heserer. However, the critics diverged. In fact, the director made the bold choice for Mix two stories by Grishaverse.

Directly inspired by the Leigh Bardugo saga, Then the plot seems to follow the adventures of Alina. As she prepares to go on a mission in the barn, the young woman finds herself in a difficult position.

Frightened, so it will release unexpected powers. Neither one, nor two, becomes overnight The famous savior of the kingdom of Rafka.

However, she didn’t seem ready to play the role. With the help of Darkling, you will learn to use light. And together, they’ll make the hearts of many fans of the Netflix series rock.

On top of that, they waited for long moments before seeing the couple finally kiss. Unfortunately, The Darklina duo have no future together …

Most awaited shadow kisses and cheekbones

The Netflix Instagram account then wanted to play on the nerves of its fans by revealing all the failed kisses for the series. Yeah! Shadow and Bones Makes the thrill of love matters last.

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The video on demand service screamed over a funny video that was posted on the social network “They hugged.” Every time I shout “kiss” in the shadows and bones.« This is what the first picture said.

Firstly in front of Mal and Alena. Then in front of the latter and Ben Barnes. Then Nina and Matthias. Ironically, the platform appears to have too He asked for a kiss from Jesper to the little goat.

An attitude that never fails to make subscribers laugh. Moreover, a hundred of them responded to this post. “It’s so frustrating! I want to push them across my screen. »

This is what we could read below the relevant post. but that is not all. « I want to kiss Matthias and Nina The most. “ And also “Kaz and Inge too.”

Lots of internet users who seem impatient to be able to Attend the upcoming adventures of couples. Under the video, some fans had the opportunity to quarrel.

Thanks Love triangle between Alina, Malin and the general. Either way, one thing is for sure. Fans can no longer wait for the SVOD announcement.

One of the subscribers even dared to question the latter under the post published almost an hour ago. Well, Netflix has been playing for long enough Are you announcing the second season? » Follow…