Netflix: These 4 Hidden Features That Will Change Your Life

You think you know Netflix By heart ? Think again! The streaming app is full of secret and very useful features. Once mastered, it is sure to improve your user experience. Here’s a quick overview of the most practical options you won’t soon be able to do without.

Disable next episode autoplay

Ahhh, who never grumbled when they saw that the platform took the initiative to release the next episode of your favorite series without your consent…? However, it is possible to remedy this very easily, by walking around the app settings. To do this, it’s very simple: go to the “Account” tab, get to “My Profile”, then “Reading Settings”. All you have to do is stop the videos from playing automatically.

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Customize translation display

Go back to the Account tab. There you will see the “Show subtitles” menu. It is highly customizable: font size, color, possible shadow, background, etc. Much needs to be done to provide optimal reading comfort.

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Remove programs from the resume section

It’s a great classic game. You run a program but quickly realize that it is not to your liking. You stop reading…but Netflix, quite logically, offers you to continue it whenever you want in the “Resume Reading” menu. If you’re sure you’ll never see it again, tap the three small dots in the section to select “Remove from section.” That’s it.

Delete watch history

More radical than deleting a program in Resume, you can erase your viewing history completely. This is the Profile History tab, still in Account, that allows you to do this. You can choose to delete the history manually or delete it all at once.

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