[Netflix] The Girl from Oslo (Portford): The Israeli-Palestinian Dead End

By trying to bring more complexity and objectivity to the now classic account of the hostage-taking in the Middle East by the Islamic State, The girl from Oslo He takes the gamble of a lack of empathy, and ultimately disappoints the viewer.

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We cannot say that since streaming platforms have dominated our entertainment activities, we have been deprived, as long as we look a little, of fantasies about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. kidnapped, meaning “kidnapped” in Norwegian (or The girl from Oslo where kidnapped, according to the international address one refers to) is a little late to claim any authenticity, except for the Israeli-Norwegian co-production law: which is fine by considering the 1993 “Oslo Accords” as a historical and geographical springboard for fiction – due to their failure to settle the conflict between Israel and the territories The Palestinian, and especially the Gaza Strip – as well as the real origin of the family political drama at the heart of the scenario -, which – which kidnapped He is clearly trying to distinguish himself from somewhat similar TV series.

poster outsideKeri Holm JohanssonNorway and Ronit Weiss Berkowitz For the Hebrew state, they have chosen to adopt a tone that is as cold and objective as possible, systematically dismissing any emotion in their description of a tragedy that does not sustain its protagonists, thus risking that the viewer struggles to identify with characters that may seem insensitive: the game is too neutral Anneke von der LippeShe plays Alex, the mother of a young Norwegian who was kidnapped by ISIS in the Sinai along with two Israelis, as well as a charismatic Israeli actor. Amos Tamam, who plays Eric, a devious and mysterious politician, clearly prevents the creation of a melodramatic atmosphere that would have made sense, and is undoubtedly more attractive.

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– commendable pre-selection of kidnapped Preferring an almost clinical description of the political imbalances, on both the Israeli and the Palestinian side, through a clear explanation of the impasse in which Hamas currently finds itself caught between impossible negotiations with the Hebrew enemy and the extremist motives represented by the Islamic State, is recruiting more and more sympathizers among the youth of Gaza (with the extremely beautiful character of Joseph, undoubtedly the most interesting of all), even among the frustrated Hamas. The front panel of ISIS’s barbaric brutality, if eye-catching, is ultimately less telling than the fact of traversing over the series’ 10 30-minute episodes, along with its characters, the desperate labyrinth of mutual manipulation of politicians. and the army.

We can unfortunately blame a lot of things in this scenario, which should have been flawless to make the show’s point: the decisions made by Alex and Arik are often too irrational and counterproductive to be credible, Which leads to the separation effect of our imagination gradually loses its credibility. Worse, the last two episodes, which undoubtedly intended to amaze by the way the novel is pushed away under the influence of unexpected elements, seem above all to be real nonsense: for we left nothing. A conspiracy within Hamas, because we are also deprived of an outcome however important to the Norwegian part of the work, it is really hard to be satisfied with my final, if it has the merit of being morally ambiguous and politically realistic that leaves us above all in the dark.

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Eric Debarnott

The girl from Oslo (kidnapped)
TV series (Norway/Israel) directed by Keri Holm Johansen and Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz
Avec: Anneke von der Lippe, Amos Tamam, Raida Adon …
Series Category: Thriller, Drama, Politics
10 episodes of 30 minutes each uploaded (Netflix) in 2021

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