Netflix: The 6 Most Popular Series Props!

Are you more of a hat, Aztec shirt, or old glasses? We tell you everything about the Netflix series extensions that inspired us!

From never Buy a special accessory or outfit distance Watch a series on Netflix ? Stranger Things, The Serpent, or The Lady’s Game … we’ve made the 6 best accessories for everyone to pick up on!

The 6 Best Props from the Popular Netflix Series

Netflix clearly never stops making a fuss among its subscribers! And with all of her streak of success, the streaming platform took off To launch new trends !

And yes, Netflix is ​​ours Browse Fashion Fans. MCE TV tells you all about its new accessories which boosted sales thanks to the series.

1- Taher Rahim glasses in the seventies In The Serpent: And yes, old sunglasses are everywhere in this drama. In fact, co-stars Tahir Raheem play Charles Subrag aka Alan and Gina Coleman play Marie Andre aka Monique, wearing a variety of really cool frames.

Unsurprisingly, that Sunglasses play an optical role Key throughout the chain. You do not agree?

In just a few minutes, it was a somewhat trivial, yet palpable moment for us, it made quite a stir. Remember when Charles went through airport security and took off his sunglasses with both hands, good Practical to take care of your tires !

And for good reason … scarves, basket bags, and hippie jewelry were popular accessories in the 1970s, as well Sunglasses, especially the classically distinctive ones.

Big size, squares, pilots and colorful shadesIt’s all in 1970’s styles. How not to give in to this great comeback?

Are you more of an empire hat, shirt, or dress?

2- Empire dresses for girls In The Chronicle of the Bridgertons: The basic outfit to go to the ball and align the handsome Simon Bassett, it’s the main piece in the Netflix series. What a group …

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but that is not all ! Empress Josephine de BouharnierNapoleon I’s wife, I swore this way, too.

It can be recognized by its very short bodice, this cut Your chest will accentuate. At MCE TV, we’re waiting for our call for the next ball to take it out of the lockers! Not you ?

3 – La chemise aztec d’Eleven In Stranger Things: Signed by Levi’s trademark, fans of the show are spread all over the world. And with good reason …

In 2019, Levi’s released a line of clothing, very 1980s-oriented, on the theme of the series. Wearing Eleven, also known as the famous Milllie Bobby Brown Aztec brand print shirt in Season 3 !

4 – Shelby family hats In Peaky Blinders: Among the thousands, famous Birmingham gangsters have inspired more than one. You do not agree?

Moreover, the characters of the show have it The old hats fashion revived ! Chuck!

Forgotten trend, sales of this accessory have Increased by over 25% since release From Peaky Blinders Season 1! Only after that …

Chess game or book by Maurice Lublin?

5- Books by Maurice LeBlanc Seen in Lupine, In the Shadow of Arsene with Omar C. Nicknamed Netflix’s biggest hit of the year 2021. Not surprising!

And yes, thanks to the success of the series, Sales of Arsene Lubin’s novels increased enormous ! Hachette reissued “Gentleman Burglar,” the first volume of the Adventures of Arsène Lupine.

“With the series fans, we really had to relaunch it Reprint now reaches 10,000 copies. “, And so was entrusted to the director of Hachette Romans and Livre de Poche Jeune.

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Good news then! Famous writer Maurice LeBlanc So it has been updated!

6: Party chess Very exciting as in “The Lady’s Game”. In less than a week, the series caused a sensation on the broadcast platform.

remember! This little series has ignited young and old all over the world …

Not to mention that Elizabeth Harmon’s character raised the fever of the player and chess player hiding in us. In fact, since the series’ release, the The game seen as being outdated is now in fashion again. Chuck!

” we’ve got We doubled our sales of chess games onlineIt’s since October 23, the release date of the Netflix series. “It was like this Announce the production for Figaro, November 2020. So who plays chess?