Netflix targets 40 million users for its ad-supported show

Netflix counts on 40 million users worldwide for its new show, which could launch in early November in France, by the third quarter of 2023.

Netflix showcases its ambitions. The streaming giant hopes to reach around 40 million viewers worldwide by the third quarter of 2023 for its new ad-supported package. This is according to a document aimed at advertising professionals that includes the US group’s initial expectations on the subject, it reported Wall Street Magazine Wednesday 14th September.

In detail, the US company plans to retain 4.4 million unique viewers (“unique viewers”) by the end of the year, including 1.1 million viewers in the United States. Then the company led by Redd Hastings plans, by the end of 2023, to grow to 40 million users in twelve countries (Brazil, France, UK, Spain, etc.), including 13.3 million in the United States.

However, these expectations may change, as they relate to individual users. However, more than one person in the family is likely to watch the service. Another factor: the group that claims 222 million subscribers In its service to the world, it specifies that no decision has been made on the release date of this new package that can be expected.

I am looking for new subscribers

And indeed, in an article published Thursday, September 1, the media variety He announced that this discounted service could finally be available in several countries (US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, etc.) from November 1, 2022. Netflix was initially considering launching it at the beginning of the year 2023. Netflix had a creation Surprise by revealing this cheapest offer with ads.

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In a context of increased competition and declining subscribers – nearly 1 million subscribers During the second semester – The company is betting that a less expensive ad-supported service can attract new customers and increase revenue.

With this type of package, the company joins some of its competitors like HBO Max and Disney+ who have already launched, or are planning to launch, ad-supported services to attract new subscribers.

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