Netflix subscribers targeted by new scam

Hackers collect information from service subscribers by encouraging them to “update their information”.

Several readers contacted us to tell us about a new scam that appears to be specifically targeting subscribers of the Netflix video streaming service.

According to our information, hackers use several different email addresses to send an alert message to the subscribers of the platform in their lists. They encourage users to “update their personal information,” citing a “billing issue.”

To prevent their account from being banned, the user is invited to connect by clicking on a link and entering their information. If he does, he risks seeing his card being debited and especially seeing his personal data being reused by malicious people.

However, several elements in the said email make it possible to identify the scam quite easily: from the email address used to the pixelated image that appears there, including a small misspelling that slipped into the body of the text…Very important details. Because today hackers are competing in engineering to get your information back. Viewing phishing emails is much more advanced than it was a few years ago. To avoid falling into the trap, remember to check these few details. Be careful not to act in an emergency – most hackers today play with a sense of urgency to hack your account, which indicates that it will be banned soon if no action is taken on your part.

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