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Many Netflix series have problems with dubbing and audio on the platform and subscribers have not failed to express their anger on social networks.

Over the past few days, Netflix has had some technical issues with some of its novels, which are related to dubbing and audio. In fact, subscribers noted inconsistencies between French dubbing and the actual speaking of the actors, rough sound effects or simply the absence of dubbing.

Very upset, netizens did not fail to express their anger on social networks in order to bring the problem back to Netflix. According to the complaints that we can identify, we see that these technical problems concern new and old series alike. Among the fairy tales cited are Manifest, the Spanish thriller, The Night Will Be Long and Boo, the Bitch, the new comedy with Lana Condor (for all the boys I’ve loved).

In addition to this series that has had some success on the platform, there are also Netflix’s Planetary Boxes that are affected by these technical issues, particularly Stranger Things! One user noticed that one episode had no French dubbing still available when I reported the information.

At the moment, Netflix has not responded to these requests and requests from subscribers, who are increasingly complaining about technical issues. This is not the first time netizens have asked for the French dubbing of their series or reported that the dubbing is not good or non-existent.

Sometimes, the Netflix account encourages people to report issues on the dedicated site. But it seems to be continuing, which displeases subscribers.

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