Netflix reveals the trailer for the new musical animation “Vivo”!

Netflix has just revealed the trailer for the upcoming animation called Vivo. A search full of love and music.

In the summer, Netflix will release a musical animation called Vivo. And that promises to be very new for this season. The platform’s Instagram account reveals a file Trailer for this novelty as it makes you want. We tell you more!

Netflix reveals the trailer for Vivo

But what is this new cartoon that Netflix is ​​releasing? This time, go to the hot countries where music is at the center of everything. Guitar player They became friends with an adorable little yellow monkey. IThen they become friends and play together.

Everything was clear to them, they played with one voice. Their lives were perfect. Until the day the message arrived. Marta, An old acquaintance reconnects with the musician. Would like to be able to sing with him again. What he explained was that Marta was his first love.

just one. So when you write to him, it brings back so many memories to the old musician’s head. But he did not dare to admit her. Liked was love Without necessarily revealing to him his feelings. At the time, he was too shy to tell her.

So he let her go without saying a word. So he chose to express all his love and feelings in music. So his little monkey friend has a mission. Give a song to Marta So you know he’s always been in love with her.

Cartoon signed on Netflix Which seems full of emotions. Expect to see a lot of touching scenes but also laugh a lot. This time, Animation is not Disney or Pixar. Little changes!

Vivo: A story full of emotions and music

and help him in his quest, The little yellow monkey will accompany a little girl. This will help him in his adventure to find Marta and give him the song. On Instagram, Netflix shows the trailer that makes you want to.

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And in the trailer, we know this cartoon will make us laugh. And the two friends will go through many adventures until the end, We hope to get to Marta. final destination! But it will not be easy.

A song can change everything. Unfortunately, from what we understand, the old musician is no longer out of this world. So he will never be able to declare his love for Marta. So his friend Vivo must do it for him. So all the stress will be in solving this task.

So Netflix is ​​releasing a cartoon in collaboration with Sony. This will be released this summer. We can’t wait to see these new features. Additionally, new features will be arriving on Netflix very soon. We are especially thinking about the new season of freak, which is long overdue.

So Netflix fans will have series and movies to eat in the summer. Think for example of the second season of Valeria. For all fans Romantic Spanish Comedy. This one is made for you. And many more are waiting for you on the platform. You will not miss anything!