Netflix reveals the trailer for the fourth season, ‘Dear White People’!

Season 4 of “Dear White People” is about to hit Netflix. Check out the trailer in this article.

Netflix finally released a teaser for la saison 4 de «Dear white people». Something that makes fans of the series mouth watering. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z!

What do we see in the trailer revealed by Netflix?

Initially, the Netflix series “Dear White People” follows the lives of four black students at one of the largest American colleges. As the seasons go by, we understand that in factA satirical comedy about the black community.

But after many episodes on this issue, the writers decided thatThe fourth part is presented to the masses from the Italian League. Netflix just unveiled the trailer.

In the first shots we see Sam White (Logan Browning) sitting across from Lionel (D. Ron Horton). They both remember their last year, when they got engaged A musical themed 90’stitled “The Varsity Show”.

“We have never been as alive as that year. Don’t you want to get that feeling back?”asks the young woman. So you will understand The Netflix series promises to return…in the song !

But to learn more about the “Dear White People” sequel, MCE TV’s editorial board gives you See you on September 22, On Streaming platform: Netflix. MCE TV tells you more.

Netflix reveals the trailer for the fourth season, ‘Dear White People’!

Have fans of the series run out of patience to discover the fourth volume of “Dear Whites”?

Of course, Netflix released the teaser directly on the platform, but also On apps like YouTube. This allows us to provide an overview of the comments. Thus to see if surfers are impatient to discover Volume 4 of Dear Whites.

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First of all, it is important to note that The trailer has over 46,000 views for the original version. Regarding the French version, the teaser has achieved about 2,400 views. That’s relatively low, even though the teaser was shown online only a few hours ago.

However, below the video, We note that there are still some believers. « I’m so sad this show has ended! These people are very talented, beautiful and fun! “So commented one of the Internet surfers.

“Everyone in the comments is rude and ungrateful… I can’t wait to discover last season. It’s a great show”shouted another.

“I know you’re skeptical, but I have a feeling it will work »Can we read too? It’s true that this new season of “Dear White People,” on Netflix, is moot.

Some don’t understand that Season 4 is a musical. « I can’t say if the episodes were meant to appeal to audiences or just a way for actors to live out their fantasies on Broadway.” Launch another internet user. « Uh, I like the series, but why should I make a musical? I do not understand ! “Another shouted.

while Others do not support this topic : « How embarrassing is this way of putting blacks and gays…”. And you, what do you think of this volume 4? Your keyboards!