Netflix reveals the trailer for La Casa de Papel for season 5

The end is near for the heroes of Casa de Papel. A few weeks before the release of Season 5, the platform is revealing a first trailer. The thieves team is in big trouble, will you succeed in getting out of this mess?

In the month of heroes Stealing money They will make a huge comeback on our screens. The series that started in 2017 is about to retire, after 5 seasons of kind and loyal service. These latest adventures are revealed in a trailer, which the platform shares on YouTube.

100 hours seems like 100 years. The tank is discovered, and Colonel Tamayo is preparing the army to enter the Bank of Spain, the gang is going through very turbulent times. They are back at the wall and the end is approaching. Will they join forces to fight back in the face of adversity… for the last time? After all, they are the resistance.

This fifth and final season will be broadcast in two parts. The premiere will be broadcast on 3 sept. To discover the rest, you will have to wait for a file December 3, 2021 on the platform.

Written by Alex Pena (White lines) for the Spanish channel Antena 3, Stealing money It quickly proved a hit on Netflix, to the point that the platform bought the rights to adapt the series after Part Two. Since it became a Netflix exclusive, it has made audience records for each of its episodes. In 2018, it was the second most watched series on VOD in France.

This success inspired Netflix to develop a new Korean version of its platform. The plot should be pretty much the same, with the difference that it probably wouldn’t be the royal house of the Spanish mint.

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Meanwhile, meet him September 3 To find the team Prof.

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