Netflix reveals teaser, fall 2021 release date

Cowboy Bebop fans have a lot to celebrate with Netflix Geeked Week. Although we didn’t get an actual trailer, the announcer gave fans a first look at the main cast in costume and confirmed a fall 2021 release.

The Netflix trailer features John Cho (Spike Spiegel), Daniela Pineda (Faye Valentine) and Mustafa Shakir (Jet Black) dressed and dancing to the anime’s popular musical theme. The video ends with the reveal that the composer (genius) of the series, Yoko Kano, will return to compose the soundtrack for the series in live action, with new compositions.

While Cho’s Spike is surprisingly close to the source material (down to the shaggy hair), Fey and Jet seem to have undergone some significant transformations in the transition from animation to live action. But most Bebop fans would probably agree: Kanno’s involvement is the main strategic component of this project.

The cast of Cowboy Bebop also includes Alex Hassel as Vicious, Spike’s rival, and Elena Satin as Julia, Spike’s ex-girlfriend.

According to Pineda, production of the first season ended in March 2021. Filming of the first season began around the summer of 2019. About five episodes of the series were filmed when production was halted due to Cho’s leg injury and her rehabilitation period.

At that time, filming was scheduled to stop for 7-9 months. Most likely due to COVID-19, it took a whole year for the cameras to roll again.

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