Netflix Releases Week #116: A Quarterback…

Great week on Netflix

Platform Catalog flow Netflix is ​​getting bigger every day, every week, and every year. Between original productions and independent films, each week we recap what the American giant is preparing for you. So from a documentary to Turnout After going through an unknown production, you can be sure to find everything every Tuesday on Vonguru. quarterback It arrives this week on Netflix.

If you fall behind, last week’s recap is still available.


This documentary series retracing the events of the 2022-23 NFL season invites you onto the field, and then into the intimate relationship between Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota.
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Valkyrie Apocalypse II – Season Two

Before humanity is wiped out, the gods decide to give men one last chance to prove their worth. Let the battles of Ragnarok begin!
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The Lure of High Voltage – Season Five

At the gates of paradise, seduced bachelors turn around, but there is a but. To earn a good sum, they must remain chaste!
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Here is the full list of releases for the week:

  • 20 years or never again
  • Sugar Rush: Mexico City, Top Chrono!
  • quarterback
  • Valkyrie Apocalypse II – Season 2
  • The law of the strongest
  • Sonic Prime – Season 2
  • The family is in flames
  • Birdbox: Barcelona
  • High voltage lure Fifth season
  • Five star chef
  • Into the Unknown: Cave of Bones

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