Netflix releases the trailer for its next box: the Cowboy Bebop series

Originally aired in 1998, the Japanese series Cowboy Bebop It has established itself among the most famous anime (and then among the manga). Critics unanimously praised and after recognizing a resounding commercial success, the year 2071 takes place in a dystopian future. Earth has become uninhabitable due to a natural disaster on the moon, and humans are forced to invade space in spaceships to form new colonies on other planets. In this Great Astral Evacuation, mercenaries exploit chaos to line their pockets and let their law prevail in the vastness of the universe. This is the case of Bebop, the flagship of Spike Spiegel and Jet Black, and Faye Valentine, the protagonist of the story.

The first inspiring animated movie in 2001, Universe Cowboy Bebop So it was adapted into a live event by Netflix. The series has been announced since 2019, and it brings together John Cho (Star TrekAnd american pie(Mustafa Shaker)Luke CageAnd Satanand Daniela Pineda (jurassic world) for the triple play of the main characters. The trailer, very colorful and rhythmic, offers an original approach: to enjoy using “split screens”, these screens are divided into two sections that display two states simultaneously. They also evoke the frames of comic book boxes, as if they remember belonging to the manga. The teaser uses it to create a refreshing dynamic between scenes, produce comedic effects, and the characters themselves use it to their advantage in the multiple battles in the video. It is unlikely that this process will be used again in the series, but the idea is that the aesthetics of the program have been taken care of and promises great technical prowess.

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We can already spot beautiful chemistry and a “cow love” side by side in the top trio, choreographies being applied and sometimes so gruesome that they get funny. Directed by screenwriter Andrei Nemec (Mission Impossible: Ghost ProtocolAnd Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 and 2and Jeff PinknerThe Amazing Spider-Man 2And poisonAnd Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle), the series will be available November 19 on Netflix. If you want to catch up on the anime while you wait for the series, don’t panic: All 26 episodes will also be available on Netflix from October 26.

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