Netflix releases first non-binary series in ‘Ridley Jones’

Every year, June symbolizes the month Pride To celebrate the struggle for the rights of people from the LGBTQ community+, an important period to highlight a society that still suffers from stigma and discrimination.

Netflix highlights inclusivity

If, like every year, many brands seize the opportunity to create commercial operations, then Netflix is ​​taking a more committed path by introducing its first animated series withA duo casting alongside the main female lead. authorized Ridley JonesThe series tells the story of Ridley, a 6-year-old girl who lives in the treehouse inside the Natural History Museum, along with her mother and grandson.Mother. A plot reminiscent of the trilogy A night at the museum With Ben Stiler as a museum keeper, his art and collectibles appear after dark. The program is aimed at children, and is the first cartoon to include a file شخصية characterBinaryHe is embodied by a bison named Fred, who is Ridley’s loyal friend and accompanies him on all his adventures. The series you broke upThe official announcement has just been revealed and we will let you discover what follows, it will be available from July 13 Next you will complete the set “Representation Matters” from the podium.

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