Netflix release date and trailer

Quickly discover a trailer for Fear Street, the new Netflix trilogy. Fear Street is an unprecedented trilogy produced by the Netflix streaming platform.

Hence, the latter will consist of three films closely related to each other. So it’s a kind of mini-series that Netflix brings to you.

Fear Street is a trilogy with a spooky world that should delight horror movie fans.

You must be wondering what Netflix has in store for you with this new show, but above all you must be wondering about its release date.

Go below to learn more about Fear Street, which is Netflix’s unique format program.

The first trailer for the Fear Street series revealed

The story of the series

The Fear Street Trilogy is inspired by the horror story written by author RL Stine.

This program consists of three parts. These differ from one another but still follow a similar story.

There you will discover the strange facts that have driven Shadyside over the years. Thus, the first part of the saga will take place during the year 1994. The second part, will take place in the year 1978.

Finally, the final episode of the trilogy will go back several centuries and take place during the year 1666, a mysterious number that points to Satan.

The triple trailer announces bloody episodes rich in emotions and twists. It jumps from episode to episode and shows us masked serial killers who appear to be possessed by a witch who came straight from the past.

As for the direction, you will find actress Maya Hawke. You definitely saw her in the final season of Stranger Things where she played Robin.

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You’ll also find actress Sadie Sink, also known as Max in Stranger Things.

The release date of the Fearless Street series

If you are a fan of horror movies, then you must be impatient to try this unprecedented trilogy.

You can rejoice that the Netflix platform has already confirmed the release date for these three components. You don’t have much time to wait before shivering in this new program.

The first part will be available on July 2, the second part will be on July 9, and the final part will be released on July 16, 2021 On Netflix.

To wait until July, you can always go back to the series show scheduled for June on Netflix.

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