Netflix previously funded Asterix & Obelix Middle Empire to get it faster

According to the media schedule, Netflix will present Asterix and Obelix, Middle Kingdom to its customers 15 months after its launch. This is the first time the US broadcasting service has pre-funded a French film.

Should we expect to see Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video logos on more and more movie posters? While the media schedule strictly prohibits the release of productions designed for streaming services in theaters, nothing prevents SVOD services from signing contracts even before a movie is released to restore their exclusivity as soon as possible.

Specifically, some observers have noted the presence of the Netflix logo below a labelAsterix and Obelix, Middle KingdomGuillaume Canet, scheduled for 1Verse February 2023 (With Zlatan Ibrahimovic!). what does that mean ?

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Asterix and Obelix In May 2024 on Netflix?

And, of course, the Netflix logo on the next poster Asterix and Obelix It might indicate that the streaming giant is producing the movie, as is the norm with many projects. This is not the case. Middle Empire It will not be a Netflix original and will premiere via Cinema Box.

What does the Netflix logo do under the next Asterix poster? In response to a question from Numerama, Netflix clarified that this is the case The film was previously funded.. The group remembers that It should be available on Netflix 15 months after its theatrical release according to the new schedule.. Why go through this box? Since 2022, the new media schedule allows streaming services to not wait 36 ​​months before releasing a movie. As a major producer of French cinema, Netflix is ​​entitled to a 15-month window, while others are entitled to a 17-month window.

asterix poster
In addition to regular programs like Canal + or OCS, there is Netflix this time. // source : kanye clouds

Does Netflix have to buy several years in advance to take advantage of this 15-month window? No, but it saves time. Rather than negotiating the rights to the movie after it hits theaters, risking falling into a competitor who ups the ante, Netflix takes out the checkbook in advance, funds the movie and makes sure its rights are retained one day. 15 months after its theatrical release (or less if the media schedule is revised in the meantime), Asterix and Obelix, Middle Kingdom You will belong to it. The competition can’t do anything about it.

What about other services?

Since June 2021, Foreign broadcasting services are subject to the same funding obligations as French services. For this reason, it is likely that these types of pre-funding will increase in the coming months. Before Netflix, Prime Video previously financed the movie Our lady is burning. the film Noah’s ship, written by Brian Mercano, pre-funded by Disney+. Thus, broadcasting services reproduce a function that we have come to know especially on the side of TV channels, known for their participation in projects to be able to broadcast them one day.

Of course, we can always tell ourselves that waiting 15 months to get a paid movie several years in advance is too much. The streaming services continue to push to shrink release windows even further, and they no doubt hope to achieve a new and fairer timeline through these types of entries.

Source: Nomirama Editorial

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