Netflix Partner for Sony in Streaming Game Library?

This might make sense for Sony who doesn’t have the proliferation power of Microsoft, explanations.

image rights: Steve Moser

Last week, it was announced that Netflix intends to include video game streaming in its subscription. Since then, dataminer Steve Moser A very strange discovery in the iOS app code of Shark, which will be a partner of Netflix. He took out a picture of my DualSenses while the Netflix and Shark logos were hidden in the picture. It privately announces the arrival of Ghost of Tsushima, which will be released on August 20, without further details. Anyway, all of this points to an affinity between PlayStation and Netflix. We say PlayStation, because on the cinema side, Netflix and Sony Pictures already announced a partnership in April. So it seems that the two companies are getting close to each other in order to benefit from each other’s expertise.

Is Netflix ready to deliver Sony games?

Do you see Sony games coming to Netflix? This would make sense for both companies that would make huge gains. Netflix, which is still new to video games, will benefit from Sony’s experience, with its ability to offer a proven quality catalog.

For its part, Sony has an incredible weakness against Microsoft, its distribution strength and its ability to reach players. Concretely, to reach you, Sony has to communicate through several channels such as outsourcing to public share companies, via social networks, advertising, partnerships…but in the end, Sony pays to reach you. If you want to play PlayStation, you need to shop for one, and you have to take the step to go through the product.

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For its part, Microsoft has much more penetrating power. Microsoft also uses PR and outreach, but when it wants to reach you, you actually go to Microsoft without having to pay. You already use Microsoft products on a daily basis such as Windows, Zoom or Office. In terms of live game streaming, the potential to enjoy Game Pass and stream games on Android and iOS is great in terms of openness.

If Sony did get to Netflix, the company would be able to reach millions of homes that the company would never have been able to get into. This way, you’ll benefit from visibility like never before and you’ll finally be able to play on a par with Microsoft at this point.

There is still one last point to settle the prices. Sony is not known for its generosity, quite the opposite. Generally, Sony keeps games at higher prices, as the company has become so dependent on PlayStation revenue. So we hope in this aspect that Sony will listen to the advice of Netflix and that the game show will be included in the subscription. Selling games individually? Why not if they are linked to a PlayStation account and can be downloaded. Otherwise, the two will have to agree on a winning formula. Remember that despite the occasional excitement around, the streaming game isn’t the most responsive and fun to play, we’re talking about infinitely less convenience for consoles and PC.

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