Netflix looks more and more like linear TV

Netflix has done everything to stand out from traditional TV, but the platform is starting to look more and more like it. Even the purchase of rights is now less restrictive than before.

Bored of traditional television, viewers have turned to streaming platforms that provide more functionality and flexibility. But Netflix is ​​starting to pivot and feels a bit like a little niche.

Distribution contract management review

It started with the Netflix rights changes, as mentioned in financial times. Originally, Netflix allocated the rights to all media Known now or discovered in the future For all regions, but Los Gatos has adapted its model over the past two years.

Sharing the rights has become a bit stronger evidence for Netflix when the meaning was originally the opposite. Some of the content available on Netflix first appeared on traditional TV before becoming more successful on the platform, such as La casa de papel, which started shyly on the Spanish channel Antena 3 and became a high-watch series in the world thanks to Netflix.

The costs were previously significant for Netflix giving itself 100% of the rights to make derivatives, like what was done for Squid Game which would remarkably become a reality TV show.

But producers are starting to push for the rights to what they produce. The competition today is much stronger than before and Netflix has no choice but to comply and is now offering a streaming window for less important content.

Other changes

Contracts are an important part of this transformation but are not at all obvious to viewers. Netflix will also change on other levels, for example, broadcast ads before and while reading content. Netflix will offer a cheaper subscription for 4 minutes of advertising per hour.

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This will also be done when broadcasting reality TV shows or live content. In addition to the show focusing on the Squid Game, Netflix, for example, wanted to position itself as a Formula 1 broadcaster in the United States.

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