Netflix launches Kaleidoscope, an unprecedented series concept

Kaleidoscope is a Netflix exclusive series set in the future. Production with a new concept: You can watch this program in any order! This TV show consists of 8 episodes spanning 25 years.

This series has a completely new concept! © Netflix

Netflix Regularly introduce new exclusive products. every weekend, New movies and series can be found on the premiere streaming service. Today, the SVOD platform is unveiling the Kaleidoscope trailer. Series with Giancarlo Esposito (Too badAnd the The MandalorianAnd the boys…) which has a unique feature. You can watch the episodes in any order! A concept we can’t wait to discover.

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Series to watch in any order

A series that will not have the same face as other spectators, that’s a promise kaleidoscope. This is a Netflix exclusive production They can be viewed in any order. Si vous commencez par l’épisode 2, par exemple, puis pour suivez avec l’épisode 4, your vision sera différent d’un autre qui a commencé par l’épisode 6 avant de passer à l’épisode 1. Netflix précise que l’ Command It will have a direct impact On the narration, characters and the visualization of events kaleidoscope.

In addition to the trailer, Kaleidoscope offers its synopsis: For a quarter of a century, Jigsaw has focused on the largest attempted robbery of all time, $70 billion in bonds that disappeared in midtown Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy. The series consists of eight parts ranging from 24 years before the robbery to one year after “.

Promising concept on paper

It remains to be seen whether kaleidoscope Maintains a coherent narrative in any order. We imagine that Netflix and its teams have gone to great lengths to ensure that the series lives up to its promises of breaking the schedule.

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Hopefully, the series isn’t just a misused concept. to know, See you on January 1, 2023. All 8 episodes will be available simultaneously! We will meet to discover this never seen before concept.

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