Netflix launches a new feature on 700 movies and series

Netflix is ​​launching a new feature at no extra charge for Premium subscribers. More than 700 films and series concerned.

Netflix just announced the arrival of a new feature within their offering. Spatial audio will now be supported by the platform. This new option is now available at more than 700 titles. In its press release announcing the news, Netflix explains that spatial audio should allow the use of stereo speakers of a computer or television to give a “3D” effect to the viewer. The company specifies that all people with a “Premium” subscription will benefit from this new option at no additional cost.

An increasingly intense experience

Spatial audio in particular should make it possible to increase the level of immersion in a series or movie, by offering a ‘world’ sound capable of resonating at 360 degrees. Before the arrival of spatial sound, it was already possible to enjoy this experience, but this required sophisticated audio equipment capable of dividing the sound stream in order to reposition it in the room thanks to its many speakers.

According to Netflix, while the solution works well on phones and TVs, the best way to take advantage of “Spatial Audio” is still to watch their content on a tablet or computer. The speakers are powerful and are placed pretty far apart from each other, which is an ideal configuration.

This isn’t the first time Netflix has talked about spatial audio. Last July, Red N actually mentioned this feature. Since then, it has been tested on a few popular series and movies in order to gather users’ opinions on the proper functioning of such a system. Therefore, today, Netflix is ​​ready to take the next step, which is the large-scale development of such a feature.

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Spatial Audio: The Future Standard for SVOD?

In addition to Netflix, other streaming platforms plan to support spatial audio in the coming weeks or months. This is particularly the case with Disney+ or Prime Video, two of the N red’s most serious competitors. Apple TV+ could quickly get hold of this technology, now that Cupertino engineers have already integrated it in Apple Music a few months ago.

In the rest of its press release, Netflix announced that Premium subscribers, who pay €17.99 per month, will now be able to download content to more devices. Until today it was limited to four different devices, and that number now rises to six allowing downloads on a phone as well as on a tablet for four family members.

With regard to the sharing of passwords between users, new rules will come into effect in March on this subject, and we will explain everything to you In this article.

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