Netflix: Is the docu series on Elisa Lam’s case worth a detour?

In February 2013, a video clip of her disappearance emerged around the world. It has become one of the strangest pranks on the Internet.

In the photos, the young lady is afraid of something mystical. It looks like she saw something and was not coming Don’t run away from it.

On the video, that Unveiled by Neflix For documentary purposes, Elisa Lam wears Red hoodie. The 21-year-old at the time of her disappearance became the object of all curiosity.

Netflix is ​​the docu series on the Elisa Lam case worth turning around

What is the value of the Netflix documentary on the case of Elisa Lam?

The Netflix documentary is one of the most commented movies today. Many mysteries still hover around her This is a dark story.

Evidence of his success, the news inspired many Hollywood filmmakers. So Ryan Murphy was inspired by the story of the fifth season of his series, American horror story. Just that.

Anatomy documentary So the drama So that we can find clear answers to what happened. So every scene is examined and it will make you think of this disappearance that spins a lot on the web. And you are not at the end of your surprises …

The experts who have agreed to testify present their hypotheses, trying to accurately track the latest ones Moments by Elisa Lam. Thanks to Joe Berlinger’s work and other testimonials, the series attempts to have one of the most disturbing disappearances of the past 10 years.

Viewers will learn more about the Cecil Hotel, which still holds many mysteries. The latter, it is located in Downton Los Angeles. Suburban Technical District From Angels. So it still contains many secrets …

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Thriller, drama. The mystery, diabolical plots … you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off the screen because the documentary, cut into four parts, is amazing. So you know what to watch tonight on Netflix …

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