Netflix is ​​rolling out spatial audio for Stranger Things and other original series

Netflix has announced the release of spatial audio for select original programming. This feature should provide more immersive sound, especially for users who watch a series or movie with headphones.

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Netflix has announced that the streaming platform will begin rolling out spatial audio for select original programming starting today. The new feature will work without the need to use any additional accessories or equipment, but it will be especially noticeable for users who use headphones. The last time Netflix significantly improved the sound of its content was in 2019.

The American company has teamed up with German audio brand Sennheiser to offer this feature to all Netflix users, regardless of device and streaming plan. This technology, called Ambeo 2-channel Makani soundIt will work on standard stereo speakers, according to Sennheiser. So the feature will work perfectly with any device you usually watch on Netflix, Provided you watch compatible original content.

Which series supports spatial audio?

Currently, content that supports spatial audio includes Season 4 of “Stranger Things”, “The Adam Project”, “Red Notice”, “The Witcher”, “Locke & Key” and others. The next live-action Resident Evil series should also support this new audio technology.

As a reminder, spatial sound refers to Any sound beyond the traditional stereo experience or 5.1 . surround sound. Until now, the only way to hear spatial audio on Netflix content was through Dolby Atmos, a spatial audio format that requires content recorded in Dolby Atmos. It must also be played on a device that specifically supports Dolby Atmos.

The company says Ambeo will offer ” An enhanced audio experience wherever today’s stereo broadcasts, whether it’s standard TVs, stereo systems, headphones, tablets or laptops Ambeo delivers fully immersive audio mixing across two channels. Uses Existing standard file types and does not require separate mixing. Sennheiser claims that the viewer provides granular control over spatiality.

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It’s a shame to see Netflix roll out its new audio technology right after the release of Stranger Things 4, when it already became Netflix’s second biggest release ever. So maybe it’s time to listen to Eddie Monson’s party again.

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