Netflix is ​​not interested in a native app for the Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro is getting some developers’ attention, but Netflix is ​​clearly not on the list. According to Mark Gorman of bloombergThe streaming service has no plans to create a native app for Apple’s headphones.

The existing Netflix iPad app can be used on the Apple Vision Pro, allowing users to watch movies, series, and documentaries. But they will not have an interface designed specifically for the headset.

Developers who don’t want to build an app from scratch for Vision Pro have two options: allow iPad apps to run as-is on the device, or adapt them for Vision Pro. Netflix chose the first solution.

Very few companies have promised dedicated Vision Pro apps at this point, but Netflix’s reluctance is no small feat. The streaming giant was one of the most high-profile to reject Apple’s in-app purchase system, its iOS app no ​​longer supports AirPlay, and it’s not possible to subscribe to Netflix through the app.

It will be interesting to see if Netflix’s choice is final or if the service will reconsider its decision once the headset becomes available in 2024. But it must be said that Apple’s commission (30%) on in-app purchases and the impossibility of offering users to subscribe from the app without going through Apple’s system could be a major hurdle to building a Netflix app for VisionOS.

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