Netflix is ​​ramping up its anti-VPN policy

By ramping up its policy and banning thousands of IP addresses, Netflix quickly became the subject of complaints on social media. The WeVPN provider indicated that its residential IP addresses were effectively blocked by the giant SVoD system. The problem is that legitimate subscribers will also be affected, without any prior warning.

« Hundreds of thousands of legitimate residential Netflix subscribers have been banned and can no longer access the entire Netflix catalog from their homes A WeVPN spokesperson explains.

There is not enough data yet to understand the extent of these new effects. But on social networks, many testify to ” missing content » While accessing Wi-Fi (content appears again with mobile data).

Finally, some subscribers who are not using a VPN yet can only watch Netflix series and movies. The rest seems hidden (perhaps to rights holders’ questions).

If Netflix hasn’t officially commented on the situation, the company appears to be aware of the problems it caused: the user who complained on Twitter was invited by the company to contact their ISP to verify that their IP address was unrelated to usage. Proxy or VPN.

A suggestion after all very curious, insofar as the ban is happening on the Netflix side…

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