Netflix is ​​doing its best to work with Christopher Nolan

After various streaming services began to gain traction in the entertainment world, with some prominent filmmakers taking advantage of these platforms to expand their narratives, filmmakers such as Christopher Nolan are still looking to support the so-called “cinematic experience” in favor of movie theatres.

The pandemic, particularly in 2020, has provided a story in which the first shows of big films have successfully coexisted with the streaming releases, although this contrasts with filmmakers like Nolan, who is known to shoot his films in 70mm format and requires distributors not to do so. Make a single change in the picture or sound parameters in their production.

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This year, Netflix managed to surprise the press and dignitaries of the art community by announcing a new commercial agreement with Steven Spielberg via Amblin Entertainment to produce new content in its catalog, and everything seems to indicate that they are ready for anything. In order to strike a similar deal with Christopher Nolan, who is considered one of the most prominent filmmakers today.

What if she comes up with her new movie, it just comes down to whether we can be home to her and see what it takes to make that happen,” Scott Stuber, Head of Film at Netflix, said at the event. diversity at the time. To put forward the idea of ​​Nolan in cooperation with the broadcast service.

He is a great filmmaker, I will do everything I can. In this job, I learned that you should have no ego. I was hit and got out and got up.

Interestingly, fans of Christopher Nolan have been waiting to meet the new production house in which the director will be working on his upcoming production, unhappy with Warner Bros.’s simultaneous release strategy on HBO Max throughout 2021.

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Tenet, Nolan’s last film, was a theatrical-exclusive release, although Warner Bros. maintains that this was due to pressure from the director to release it at the time under the notion that theaters needed the release. Audiences to return to the aisles. Not surprisingly, the film did not increase the estimated cash income.

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Prominent filmmakers such as David Ayer, Martin Scorsese and Zack Snyder David Fincher embraced the ease of streaming by making direct deals with Netflix, making their films one of the most successful productions in the platform’s catalog, which Nolan did not doubt. Take it into account in your current situation.

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