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While much criticism mounted, even before the Sunday night party, about the lack of diversity in the jury and the Golden Globe nominations, Netflix announced the creation of a $ 100 million fund to support training for young talent and youth. Thus promoting equal opportunities.

“Over the next five years, we will invest $ 100 million, on the one hand, in several well-known outside organizations that work to support people from underrepresented communities in their TV or film careers, and on the other hand, in specially designed Netflix programs that It will help us identify and train promising young talents around the world and provide employment. “

After receiving and analyzing the encouraging results of a university study commissioned to act in internally produced films and series, Netflix announces the creation of Equal Opportunity Fund Aiming to invest in A new generation of storytellers from different backgrounds.

Really encouraging results compared to the rest of the industry

Of the 22 inclusion indicators used for movies and series, 19 showed improvement over the previous year. We are ahead of the rest of the industry in recruiting women and women of color to make our films, and the creators to revive our series and have been able to respect parity in the main roles of our films and series. “

This is what emerged from the study entrusted to Dr. Stacy L. Smith, Founder and Director of USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, after studying programs produced by Netflix in the United States from 2018 to 2019. Stacy L. Smith and his team are well-known for their work in this area, their reports Inequality in popular films (“Inequality in popular films”) on-screen depiction examines gender, race, LGBTQ + identities, and disabilities within the audiovisual industry in the United States.

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However, not all ethnic groups experienced an increase in their representation during the two years covered by the study. For example, ” There are still noticeable gaps in representation in films and series of the Latino community, people from the Middle East and North Africa, Native Americans, Alaska, Hawaii or the Pacific Islands. We must also do more to enhance the representation of the LGBTQ community and people with disabilities ”, Note Netflix.

Draw a virtuous circle

Dr Stacy L Smith’s research, including this study, confirms that: The inclusion behind the camera is greatly increasing the inclusion in front of the camera and to ensure these two types of inclusion, it is also necessary to ensure diversity within the Netflix directors who task these stories. ”Quest Red Hastings.
The goal of course “Fill in the blanks” Demonstrate capabilities and skills through training programs. This is why we are excited to announce today the creation of the Netflix Equal Opportunity Fund , Notes the CEO of the international platform. Keen to implement this project, he announced the publication of a report on the subject every two years and his readiness to conduct similar studies in other countries of the world. “We hope we can better understand our progress by supporting change, not only within Netflix, but across the industry as well.”

It remains only to hope that this news spreads very quickly …

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