Netflix integrates a much-needed feature, PS5 sales are exploding, that’s the bottom line

Netflix finally integrates a feature users have been asking for for ages, PS5 sales explode and overtake Switch sales for the first time, Google releases a new preview build of Android 14, and this is the news feed from Thursday, March 9, 2023.

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What’s new in the world of Android and High-Tech on Thursday March 9, 2023 on Phonandroid? First of all, we mentioned in the columns an important design change in Spotify on Android and iOS. from now on, The interface of the music streaming service is much closer to that of TikTokwith many audio and video streams.

On another note, Microsoft has said that it will never raise prices for Xbox Game Pass. A statement far from innocent, as it allows the American giant to reassure the British competition regulatory authorities. way to make CMA understand that Microsoft wouldn’t take advantage of Call of Duty’s access to Game Pass to revise its pricing up.

On the electric vehicle side, Mini has confirmed the arrival in 2023 of the redesigned Mini Cooper SE. In the programme, some revisions have been made on the design side and above all the introduction of larger batteries and a new engine, for more independence. But without further ado, let’s take a look at the three news stories to remember from Thursday, March 9, 2023.

Netflix integrates a much needed feature

Better late than never. While competitors have already been offering similar options for a long time, Netflix has finally decided to incorporate a key feature into the TV version: the ability to customize subtitles (size, style, and background).

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PS5 sales explode and overtake Nintendo Switch sales

Sony has announced that the PS5 shortage will end in 2023. Well, the numbers prove the manufacturer right, with a sales increase of around 457% in February 2023. With over 366,000 consoles sold over the period, the first time it has surpassed PS5 sales, Nintendo Switch sales of 221,000 copies.

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Google has just confirmed the release of a new Android 14 preview build intended for developers. This release brings several changes, such as new options for managing the data that apps can display. But what we especially remember is the arrival of Passkeys, a technology that allows users to more easily connect to applications with biometric security.

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