Netflix: ‘How I Became a Superhero’ releases on July 9!

The release date of “How I Became a Superhero” movie has finally been set. On July 9, fans will be able to find out

The Avengers Better watch out. In fact, the movie “How I became a superhero” Landing on July 9th next to or next to Netflix. With, on the bill, Beau Marmay, Laila Bakhti, and Benoit Boulevard. The latter must use his supernatural power to save the world!

It should have been released in theaters

Some may be surprised to see it Project access to the streaming giant. Given this, at first, it should have been shown in cinemas. But Covid-19 binding, the feature film had to find another solution.

He is not the only one in this case. Take for example ” Black Widow “. the film marvel He must have been released over a year ago. though, He won’t finally see himself in theaters until tomorrow. But it wasn’t planned to happen Certainly Netflix.

“North Buck”, by Cedric Jimenez, was due to arrive last year. And unlike ” Black Widow “Finally, they should see each other Available on the American broadcasting giant. Such as “How I became a superhero”.

Regarding the Douglas Attal Project, This is not to be ashamed of Avengers, exactly the contrary. Admittedly, it’s probably a French movie…but this latest movie will pack a ton of special effects. In order to introduce the superpowers to the actors.

Don’t expect Robert Downey Jr. to land either. Next to Bio Marmay or Laila Bakhti. Especially since, if you follow the universe marvelYou already know that Iron Man is no longer a part of this world…

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Regardless, the movie is coming Netflix have to satisfy The majority of fans. Although some flaws should be noted … This does not detract from the most interesting plot. and talents of the actors present.

Netflix: ‘How I Became a Superhero’ releases on July 9!

“How I Became a Superhero” is finally coming to Netflix

In what context does this happen? In any city and above all, Is this really a superhero movie ? Lots of questions to ask yourself… which we’ll give you an answer to. Or rather, let’s try to answer it.

Know first of all that the movie will arrive Netflix It takes place in Paris. But it is similar to Paris today. Where the locals live with superheroes on the other hand, This is not a superhero movie per se.

Since according to its director, It’s an exciting movie that fans will be watching. Media of La northern sound Announcing the plot: Lieutenant Moreau (Bio Marmai) is a taciturn, arrogant, and lonely policeman. He sees himself surrounded by a teammate. “

Before adding: « To investigate a product. Which seems to give powers For those who don’t. Young people are also affected by this dangerous traffic. “

Once you are done with the decoration, all you have to do is Wait July 9. in order to reach Netflix And discover this new movie. Which, moreover, should provoke many criticisms. Both are positive and negative.

Let’s cross our fingers Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr.. take a look for the project. In order to give their opinion and compare it to the MCU movies.