Netflix has unveiled a hit trailer for its reboot

Le spin-off Netflix Masters of the Universe: Revelation Showcased in an action packed classic trailer and insane cast.

The franchise that lists everything that beats the ’80s, masters of the universe He will sign his return to Netflix. With great bodybuilders and big plates in bright colors, masters of the universe An animated series well established in its era. But It has become a franchise With a video game or animated series, including one about the character She-Ra.

There is also a feature-length animated movie with Masters of the Universe: The Secret of the Sword By Lou Scheimer, but above all terrible fire masters of the universe With Dolph Lundgren as the hero Musclor (or He-Man). The franchise will now thrive on Netflix with New Animated Series Unveiled Trailer Beats.

Big Red N, feeling nostalgic, had already conquered a realm masters of the universe With the animated series She-Ra and the princesses in power. This time it is From the spin-off to the original series Eat all the heroes of that time. We find Musclor, Skeletor or Teela in a very powerful trailer.

In fact, the video mostly focuses on stunning action without losing the style of the original animated series. Then we find the hero carried by the voice of Chris Wood (super girl) after a big fight with Skeletor, voiced by Mark Hamill anyway. She wore it a real hit from the ’80s, stick to the hero By Bonnie Tyler The trailer explodes in battles, flashes of light like kitsch as it is delicious in a supposedly antique setting.

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Strong ancestral skull!

Showrunner Kevin Smith looks like he’s snapped as is masters of the universe After four decades without distorting anything too much. The viewer will return to his 2D work in a special episode Revelation: the master of revelation in the universe Which will be released at the same time as the first part of the series.

In addition, the series has a pretty crazy sound, because along with Chris Wood and Mark Hamill there will be Sarah Michelle Gellar (Tila), Lena Headey (Evil Lane), Alicia Silverstone (Queen Marlena), Henry Rollins (Tri-Klops) Or Alan Oppenheimer (Moss-Man), Griffin Newman (Orko), Jason Mewes (Stinkor), or Justin Long (Roboto). This series that appears to have been created to gauge subscribers’ nostalgia is a must see drop His first five episodes on the platform on July 23, 2021.

If you can’t wait to find files masters of the universeYou can wait and see what Mark Hamill thinks at the end The Mandalorian.

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