Netflix has opened a restaurant serving dishes from its series

If you’re going to Los Angeles this summer and are a fan of the Netflix cooking series, you’ll be able to sample key recipes from the streaming platform’s shows. Netflix is ​​launching a fast food restaurant, Netflix Bites, with dishes prepared by the chefs of the cooking show on its menu. Like Curtis Stone from The Cooking Contest Iron ChefFrench chef, Dominique Crene, was honored Iron Chef And Chef’s table Or Nadia Hussein, who offers her pastry recipes in the program Nadia Becks. For Netflix, the initiative makes it possible to strengthen the relationship with its subscribers, diversify its income, and get people talking about its cooking series.

Top Chef… The Bistro!

TV series and restaurant go hand in hand. Last year, Top Chef Le Bistrot opened in Suresnes, near Paris, at the initiative of M6 show host, Stéphane Rotenberg. The restaurant offers symbolic dishes from different seasons for a cooking competition. This spring, Top Chef Le Bistrot aired the show live about a menu prepared by a participant in the current season, who came to greet guests.

McDo allows collation of lists containing string characters

We also recently introduced the McDonald’s initiative in the Netherlands. When one of its products appears in a movie or series, consumers can order it by scanning the screen using the McDo app. All the details in our article: McDo in a series? Scan TV to order!

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