Netflix has finally revealed the release date for Season 2 of Never Have I Ever!

Netflix Just announced the official release date for the second season of أعلن I never did before. So on July 15th, you can finally discover the rest of this very popular series!

The show, featuring a teenage girl of Indian origin, immediately became a hit with viewers. The formula wins: it tackles powerful topics with a really refreshing and humorous tone.

star Mindy Kaling Partnered with Netflix to write and produce this series. In this new season, Davy She continues to face the daily pressures of high school and family, while taking her first steps in the world of romantic relationships, outlines the American giant in a press release.

Netflix shared the first images of this second season last April. Then fans discovered the arrival of new characters from them Anissa (Megan Suri), who will study at the same school as Davy and Rapper Mutual who will embody Dr. Chris JacksonHe is a dermatologist working in the same building as him Nalini (Purna Jaganathan), Davey’s mother.

Credit: I never got Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

The official trailer will be revealed on June 17th!

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