Netflix has a new idea to charge account sharing

Netflix wants to increase its revenue quickly. The streaming service is launching a new paid feature in select countries to “add a new family” to the subscription.

In March, Netflix launched a trial in a few countries to make account sharing subject to fees. This is another experience of the popular SVOD service Unveiled July 18thAlways trying to increase her income. Netflix already lost subscribers for the first time in its history, and has since sought to revise its model to include ads. The new experience is again focused on account sharing.

Netflix offers to add a family

With this new system, Netflix suggests linking each subscription to one family, regardless of package level. Subscribers can then pay for each additional family they want to access the service from for approximately $3 per month. Obviously, it’s about watching Netflix from the TV. SVOD considers viewing from a laptop, smartphone or tablet as part of reasonable home use while travelling.

Netflix Stove House
Family Management // Source: Netflix

An interface is offered on the subscription account to manage households. The Mars experiment made it possible to create additional accounts for other users to sign up, and that’s where adding families to one account with one password comes in.

South America at the moment

It’s hard to know which of these two tests will be successful enough to allow Netflix to popularize it internationally. The Service may find other ways to test or combine and match these two methods depending on the subscriber’s feedback and behavior.

This new experience targets South America again, this time with Argentina, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

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