Netflix hacked, 2 movies leaked months before release

Two Netflix movies have appeared on pirated content sites in the past few hours. So far nothing out of the ordinary, except that these films will not be shown for several months. Hackers have already succeeded in obtaining sifting copies intended for distribution at several festivals.

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In just a few days, we could have brought you at least two unexpected films in Netflix’s pick this weekend. Of course, it is common for the content produced by the broadcasting platform They end up on illegal download sites. Usually, you just have to wait a few hours after the broadcast, a day at the most, to view the pirated version. But it’s different this time. Latest hack fears Movies that won’t be released for several months.

In fact, it is not just a movie, it is films shown at festivals. It’s these little details that allowed the hackers to get hold of it, since they got it Les «Sifter» publications, that is, those sent to journalists and critics before broadcast. The first is dog power, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst, set to release December 1 on Netflix. However, you can actually download it from specialized sites. A few hours later, it was your turn comet, with Jake Gyllenhaal, to appear on the Web.

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Two Netflix festival movies find their way out into the wild

At the origin of this leak we find EVO . hacker group, already the authors of several leaks for a few years. The latter has also specialized in pirate versions of the sieve, going so far as to mark the “sieve season” which begins around the beginning of December. So this year it seems that The harvest came much earlier.

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Note that both pirated movies will be presented within Vancouver International Film Festivalwhich started on September 9 and will continue until the end of the month. Therefore, it is possible that the screening copies sent to the critics were the ones that the hackers recovered. Despite the efforts of various platforms to secure their content, They still can’t protect themselves effectively.

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