Netflix | Gulf states demand removal of content deemed offensive

(Riyadh) Saudi Arabia and its Gulf neighbors have asked Netflix to remove content deemed “contrary to Islamic and societal values,” threatening the video-on-demand subscription platform with legal action, according to a statement on Tuesday.

Posted at 2:03 pm.

The joint statement issued by the Communications Police of Saudi Arabia and the other five members of the Gulf Cooperation Council did not specify the nature of the content considered offensive.

“The platform has been contacted to remove this content, especially those intended for children,” the statement said.

He warned that the authorities would ensure that “the platform respects the directives, and if illegal content continues to be published, it will take the necessary legal measures.”

In April, Saudi Arabia asked Disney to remove “LGBTQ references” from the Marvel movie, Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessin order to allow it to be dropped in the rooms of the ultra-conservative kingdom.

Disney did not comply and the film was not shown in Arabia.

Issues of gender and sexual freedom are still taboo in many Arab countries, especially the Gulf states.

In June, the United Arab Emirates banned the animated film from Pixar Studios, lightning buzzwhich contains a fleeting kiss scene between two women living together.

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