Netflix France is looking for the biggest fans of “La Casa de Papel”

“We are actively looking for the main fan.” For once, Netflix knows how to showcase its products. While one of its main series, “La Casa de Papel,” will be out next December when the final installment of the TV show airs, the streaming platform, +date, has released a short video calling out the “ultimate” fan from Tokyo, Denver and their partners whose adventures have been followed for a year. 2017.

Remember that La Casa de Papel is about “friendship, betrayals and a lot of passion”, though by its near end, “she will live forever in the hearts of her fans”, so Netflix is ​​looking for “the ultimate fan, the ultimate fan, the one who knows every character and will have every Something to be a part of the panda.” So, if you think you’re one of those, “biggest fans of France,” “it’s time to put yourself to the test,” the video points out.

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Reward still mysterious

To test your knowledge and passion, a website has been specially created. There is one more step to take to prove your qualities: “Answer the call and prove to us that you deserve the place of the biggest fan of Casa de Papel.” There is nothing stated in the prize(s) to be won, only that the name of the winner will be revealed before December 3rd, when the last five episodes of the series will air.

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In a press release cited by ParisianNetflix says a little more about the wanted profile: “An enthusiast who has no secrets about the Paris plan, knows the lives and personalities of all the gang members. A man or a woman can even compete with the professor to know every nook and cranny of the Bank of Spain.” In the series, this professor is actually planning a heist that has not been carried out before and is recruiting the best criminals of this country from the Iberian Peninsula. How will the series end? The last episode that aired leaves a huge suspense swirling. Amateur notice, therefore, Netflix should provide more information in the coming weeks.

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