Netflix director and director of “Kong Skull Island” adapt “Gundam” for live action

Jordan’s broadcasting platform brought in Vogt-Roberts, director Kong: Skull Island, To sign this live modification of the famous Japanese license.

Mobile pod GundamThe famous Japanese license I imagined in 1979 Yoshiyuki TominoThey will be entitled to receive a live Netflix movie, This Monday announced the broadcast platform.

Jordan Vogt Roberts, known for notably his signature Kong: Skull Island, To produce and direct this movie that made fans of the original saga interact powerfully on social networks. Under construction since 2018, this project has been written by a scriptwriter long story, Brian K. Vaughan.

A social phenomenon in Japan

More popular in Japan than star WarsAnd the Mobile pod Gundam It is an intergalactic epic made up of about thirty movies, series, and OAVs (films dedicated to video exploitation). It traces the story of the confrontation during the Third World War between the Confederation and the independence forces of the Duchy of Zion.

Charles Aznavour She inspired one of her sexiest characters, Char Azanabel. The maker of the series, a huge fan of the French singer, created this character with a name very close to that of the artist to honor him. Pioneering character Gundam, Shar Azanabel, a prominent character in Japan, equivalent to Darth Vader.

Society phenomenon in Japan, Gundam suit mobile So deeply rooted in the life of the archipelago that two gigantic statues inspired by the program have been created in recent years. The giant statue, measuring 18 meters high and weighing 25 tons, as a result of six years of work, sparked great excitement last September, when a video showed it in a full test. Spread on Twitter.

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Classics of Japanese Animation on Netflix

Netflix makes several live adaptations of Japanese animation classics. American versions of Cowboy Bebop And the One piece It is under development and will be released in the next few years. While waiting for the release of the US version of GundamAmateurs or curious can move to the platform Crunchy Roll, Which includes all 43 episodes of the original series of 1979 and 1980.

Gundam suit mobile Once for the cinema in real photography. Sincere ingIt was released in 2000 to celebrate the franchise’s twenty years anniversary. Ready player one Finally, the fight between RX-78 Gundam and MechaGodzilla shortens for a very brief time.

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