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Anime fans, get the August schedules in order as ‘Darwin’s Game’ will premiere on Netflix. The release of “Darwin’s Game” is definitely a step forward for many other licensed animations to be released on Netflix. Read on to learn all about Darwin’s Game new animated series, Netflix release date, and more.

A rather interesting title, isn’t it? The series is just as interesting as the title. Darwin is an anime adaptation of a 23-volume manga by FLIPFLOPs and premiered in Japan in early 2020.

What is the plot of the animated series “Darwin’s Game”?

Darwin’s game features the adventures of high school student, Sudo Kaname, who is invited to activate a mysterious mobile app called Darwin’s Game. Kaname was far from suspicious that the game is not only about fighting between two players, but also has real-life implications. He soon discovers that there is no way to leave the game, and the series takes us to meet the designer Kaname, who sets out to eliminate the game.

The first season, which begins, contains 11 episodes in total. Darwin’s Game is a humorous action-drama series that is sure to entertain anime fans. If you haven’t watched it yet, you’ll be able to see it on Netflix after its release date.

What is the release date of the Darwin game animated series?

We’ve learned that Darwin’s Game, the mystery drama series, is set to release in early August on Netflix. Mark your calendars because the release date you’re looking at is August 1, 2021. Netflix has confirmed August 1 as the release date for Darwin’s Game in the US and is awaiting confirmation of the series’ release in other regions.

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And imagine what! Netflix will likely partner Darwin’s Game with Hulu in the US.

We’re not sure how Darwin’s Season 2 will develop. But there is a lot to hope for from the end of the first season of this animated series. Now you know where and when you can watch full episodes of Darwin’s Game. In the meantime, check out our other articles for more news and updates.

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