Netflix: Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts… Find out their XXL salaries! Cinema news

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After studying film school, Clement Couso joined the editorial staff of AlloCiné in 2011. He currently specializes in broadcasting content and news on SVOD platforms.

To lure Hollywood’s biggest stars into its original productions, Netflix didn’t hesitate to put a hand in the pocket by offering amazing salaries to Daniel Craig and Julia Roberts.

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Hollywood stars now have millions of good reasons to film for Netflix. Our colleagues from diverse Already revealing the amazing salaries that the platform offers to connect the services of the biggest names in cinema with the credits of their original productions.

Thus, Daniel Craig was offered at least $100 million to film the wings of A Knives Out, at a salary of 50 million per movie or twice his pay for Dying Can Wait, his last James Bond appearance (bonus not included).

Mark Wahlberg also earned a big payout from Netflix to star in the action movie Spenser Confidential ($30 million), a salary equal to that earned by Leonardo DiCaprio for appearing in Don’t Look Up. Her co-star Jennifer Lawrence, for her part, will get “only” $25 million, a sum that nonetheless ranks her on the same level as Julia Roberts for the action thriller Leave the World Behind also expected soon on the platform.

It looks like other streaming platforms are already ready to match these staggering salaries. Therefore, Dwayne Johnson of Amazon Prime Video will be paid $50 million to produce and appear in the Christmas comedy Red One. For the purposes of King Richard’s biographical film dedicated to the father of Venus and Serena Williams, Will Smith earned $40 million.

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In the face of such rising wages, it should come as no surprise that Hollywood stars now prefer SVOD productions to feature films made for theaters. Provided that this new economic model bears the weight of the coming years…

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