Netflix continues its fight against account sharing but wants to reassure its subscribers

Reed Hastings, co-CEO and co-founder of Netflix, gave more details about plans to crack down on account sharing (already banned, in theory). Promise not to use aggressive methods.

Reed Hastings said in an interview with diverse Around Finance first quarter 2021. “These measures must be meaningful to consumers, so that they understand them”

As of now, Netflix does not make any special efforts to prevent people from sharing their passwords and thus split the subscription fee. in a Terms of useHowever, the platform notes that it is forbidden to share your account with someone outside your home. Studies show that more than half of the participants still use this practice. What are the costs? billions to Netflix every year.

Despite these losses, the streaming service has yet to show strong opposition to the practice. Her thinking heads assumed that many people who discovered Netflix through a friend would sign up later. A trend that could have been supported by internal data.

global test

However, last month Netflix launched a test with a number of users around the world. They receive a warning message when running their platform: “If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you must have your own to continue watching.”

Then several possibilities are suggested: make sure you are in the right place with a code sent via SMS or email to the account owner, run a free 30-day trial or … postpone this verification until later. But if you choose the latter, the warning message will eventually appear on your screen at some point.

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The results of this test will be analyzed shortly, said Greg Peters, COO and Product Manager at Netflix. On this basis, the leaders, who say that they listen to their subscribers, will consider the ideal that should be implemented in the future.

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