Netflix confirms when Full Stranger Things 4 comes out

broadcast service Netflix It has many popular titles among its catalog, but few have reached the level of enthusiasm Weird things. The show has been without a season for over two years, so fan expectations are growing. We already know its release date and now the platform is announcing the expected arrival date of the trailer.. Look when it will be!

Like other film and television productions, the creation of the Dover brothers has also suffered from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Fans ask why they are late and the producer explains why Shun Taxi: “The delay is in large part due to COVID and the speed with which we have to work to do it safely, but this is also the season we choose to go much further.”.

This is why it will take about three years to see the rest of the story, which is generating more anxiety among fans. However, to quell that expectation, an announcement arrived earlier this month revealing when it will premiere at the bottom of the post: “The world is watching. In 2022, the global phenomenon returns”, while ensuring that next year will be a good time to launch new chapters.

As for its plot, we only know what the actors have reported Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard and Natalia Dyerwho confirmed it The next thing to see will be the darkest and scariest on the show. The second preview revealed a comeback Dr. Martin Brenner, who seems to have more experiences with children, while Jim Hooper He is in Russia as a prisoner.

+ When will the Stranger Things 4 trailer arrive?

Without a doubt, that’s what fans have been waiting for to feel closer to Season 4. It will be the 25th of September during the global Netflix event called Tudum, where there will be virtual stages with exclusive previews. “Fans will be the first to hear the latest news and see exclusive previews, new trailers and music videos.”, marks the official statement, where they point Weird things As part of the event.

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