Netflix confirms the return of a series loved by netizens

Netflix just announced the return of a cult series to its catalog! Something to respond to netizens who have expressed their joy through many comments.

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Big news for Netflix subscribers: Complete gossip girl Returns from July 6, 2023 on the streaming platform after being deleted last December! An announcement made on the official Twitter account of the SVOD giant who just commented on it “XOXO”, which refers to the famous sentence Gossip Girl utters at the end of each episode. An advertisement that surprised everyone on social media with the blue logo, which exploded in particular with the joy of fans of the series, which was born in 2007.

back gossip girl Puts Twittos in all their cases

So, via comments on Twitter, fans expressed their excitement at finding Serena, Blair, Chuck, Nate, and Dan on Netflix. Among the tweets posted, we can read: OMG Gossip Girl is back”,”Finally, I couldn’t live without her”,”All my childhood, thank you”,”Perfect for summer!” “,” Omg Netflix you’re actually flirting with me there “,” How I’m in love“OMG Netflix I love you to bring this masterpiece back again” or “There is smiling news.” With this announcement, Netflix has once again managed to gain attention on social networks. No doubt about it gossip girl It should quickly hit the platform’s top 10 once the series is brought back online.

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gossip girl : The first season was not successful

Launched in 2007 on The CW, the series was not a hit, with audiences not bad with an average of 2.6 million viewers per episode. however, gossip girl He is very popular with young people. Thanks to this, the series also won several awards, including Best New Series of the Year, during the 2008 Teen Choice Awards. For the second season, the producers put the package on promotional posters that highlight the super sexy side of the actors through explicit poses to Somewhat. What a little more caught the eye of the curious.

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