Netflix Christmas Worries Parents of Young Users

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to enjoy movies on this topic. Products for adults and children focus on traditional festivals, family reunion, of course Santa Claus magic Which makes the weather so special. In this sense, every year streaming platforms offer this type of content that users are eagerly awaiting. corn A Netflix movie can put everything at risk.

that it David and Elvis, a Polish comedy directed by Michael Rogalsky Screenplay by Mateusz Kochevsky and Marcin Baczinski. The film was released a few days ago in the subscription service, and the film is shown in the catalog with the name Suggest children to see as a family. However it is far from that and despite the fact that it is actually suitable for all audiences It is not the most practical.

« A work-strained elf escapes to the real world, where he attempts the magic of Christmas with the help of a boy he befriends.Feature film synopsis reads on Netflix starring Cyprien Grabowski, Jacob Zajak, and Anna Smolovic. But in fact, the story goes a little further and the way we talk about Santa Claus and the characters around him It may not suit younger users better.

this is Parents alert who soon started posting a potential spoiler among their social media contacts Avoid uncomfortable situations by seeing him with his family. Many of them had a tense moment with their children when they saw the way in which not only Santa Claus is represented, but also the mouse Perez and other characters that fill the children with charm and emotion.

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In this way, they warned against containing it “Sensitive information about Christmas” It is actually suitable for a somewhat larger audience. In this sense, they encouraged Netflix to review the film’s rating and thus prevent doubts from arising beforehand, especially since the way it is handled is not at all accurate. Finally, the streaming giant has changed the details in the app and it now appears as Suitable for ages 7 and up.

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