Netflix: Christina Ricci will be good in the new Wednesday series!

A new trailer for the series was released Wednesday. The Netflix series highlights a well-known actress: Christina Ricci.

The new Netflix series on Adams Family will be released soon. Finally, we still have to wait another month. A little bit of patience. Anyway, a new trailer has just been released and Christina Ricci will be present in the series.

Wednesday, an upcoming series on Netflix

We finally know release day From the new Netflix series: Wednesday! A series about the universe and the characters of the Adams family. And so the main character will be the daughter of an extraordinary couple. We feel directly in the atmosphere.

It must be said that this series is signed Movie Genius: Tim Burton. And being known to all. As we know, the director has a rather dark world. Signed, for example, by Edward Scissorhands.

But this is the director’s first time on the Netflix platform. At the moment, we don’t know much about this new series. But thanks to the new trailer, we have more information. Already on the characters!

We know, for example, that Uncle Fited will be present in the series. thing too. We see her writing. Morticia and her husband are there, of course. There is also the famous Christina Ricci. Don’t you remember her?

Tim Burton gave a slight nod to the original work. In factR, the actress played Wed Addams in the two films Barry Sonnenfeld. Of course, the actress is now grown up. She no longer has the same role. She plays Marilyn Thornhill, a teacher and housing supervisor at Nevermore Academy.

Christina Ricci in a new role

The joke didn’t say much In the Wednesday series. But with this new trailer, we understand the plot a little better. If you’re wondering if a Netflix series is going to be scary, the answer is yes, a bit.

But there will also be touches of humor. So we can say that we It is halfway between comedy and horror Thanks to Tim Burton. Anyway, in his first collaboration, the director likes to reinvent The Adams Family.

For this series there will be 8 episodes. This may pass very quickly! Student, rather a freak and Color sensitivity It happens at school. Quite a private school. But as soon as it arrives, Murders will happen.

The investigation will begin. The young woman will find herself involved in all this and will lead the investigation. Dark secrets seem to lurk in this far from ordinary school. But we’ll have to wait until the end of November to see it all.

More patience to enjoy this new business. In the meantime, great news just fell through. In fact, The person who inspired Anna’s creation on Netflix Just released! Like what is rather a happy ending in the end!

An opportunity to review the series and understand all the veins of this monument!

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