Netflix brings together Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill in its upcoming comedy

after, after Dolemite is my nameEddie Murphy returns to Netflix in a comedy co-written and starring Jonah Hill.

After years in the shadows, a successful comeback on Netflix with Dolemite is my name And others less compelling on Amazon Prime Video in Prince in New York 2Eddie Murphy continues his momentum. The Hollywood Reporter Already announced that Netflix will use its services again in the next big comedy, in which he will star alongside actor Jonah Hill, who will also be co-writer.

Who got a golden chance?

The film is directed by Kenya Paris, the second screenwriter and which will be the first investigation into a full-length film after a particularly remarkable career for the screenwriter in blackish. Screenwriter turned instead of comics and Thus, the topics on the African American community, which should also be on the program for this upcoming achievement.

If the title and abstract are not disclosed, The Hollywood Reporter Explains that the movie will be “A careful study of modern love and family relationships, as different cultures, social attitudes, and generational gaps change and affect relationships”. An approach that would put the characters of Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy in opposition.

Photo, Eddie MurphyWhile waiting to return to WonderWorld

No further details at the moment, and a launch date has not been announced. But given Netflix’s usual production rate and the fact that pregnancy Flick Beverly Hills 4 Looks like he’s taking his time – Eddie Murphy watching the script closely – It’s very likely that this comedy will turn its nose up fast.

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