Netflix black screen on Samsung TV? 6 effective solutions!

The fun of watching countless Netflix movies and series has suddenly stopped by a Black screen on your Samsung Smart TV ? Nothing could be more annoying, especially when you’re in the middle of a video you love!

Netflix is ​​already sending a lot of data to your TV and in the face of this data stream, some TV models can overload, especially the Samsung Smart TV. In these cases, you suddenly get a black screen.

What are you doing at this time?

Here are some tips that will help you get your screen back To immerse yourself in the fun while watching.

Quickly fix the black screen issue between Netflix and your Samsung Smart TV!

Squid games on Netflix 2

Here are some things you can do to solve your problem:

1. Disconnect/reconnect Samsung SmartTV

  1. Unplug the TV and plug it back in after a minute…
  2. Then restart your Netflix app. Technology puzzles sometimes make this the right solution!

2. Reinstall the Netflix app

Smart TV App 1

Like all apps, the Netflix app is subject to regular updates. The last procedure may not have been performed correctly on your Samsung Smart TV: you can thus uninstall and then reinstall the Netflix app.

  1. To uninstall your app: Use the . file home touch, and then Settings (sprocket), then help, and then Car Diagnostics and finally Reinstall the smart hub. All you have to do is Enter your PIN code
  2. To reinstall Netflix, select apps To reconfigure everything.

If you can watch the movie again, this is the right solution.

If it’s still not working after these steps, here are 3 quick fixes!

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3. Clear cache

Samsung Smart TV

Televisions cannot store a lot of data. However, like computers, TVs have what’s called a cache. This memory contains all contact information, such as cookies for example. Therefore this unnecessary information should be deleted.

You can free up as much memory as possible on the TV Clean your cache. So, Turn on the TV and hold down the power button for 20 seconds. Then check if Netflix is ​​working.

If you are still facing the black screen issue, the problem may not be with your Samsung Smart TV. Here are some avenues to explore.

Netflix black screen issue can also be caused by connection or network issues

Here are some tips that can also help you solve black screen issues.

4. Try other devices in your home.

Other devices you use at home also receive Netflix: Your computer, phone, and tablet will help get you another part of the answer. If they are not receiving Netflix as well, then it could be a problem directly related to that platform. In this case, be patient, such embarrassing situations are rare and are quickly taken into account.

5. Check your internet box

wifi internet box

WIFI may be the source of your problem:

  • Too many devices have been connected to the internet box,
  • disconnect from internet box,
  • Your internet provides low speed.

Walk through the connected devices, and reconnect. If problems persist or return regularly, contact your live box operator, they may need a change.

You definitely want to watch the end of your movie or series! Rest assured, there are some alternative solutions that will allow you to achieve your goals.

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Other Solutions to Get Rid of Netflix Black Screen with Your Samsung Smart TV

If you are still facing this black screen issue after all these operations, then you have two solutions left:

6. Connect another device to your Samsung Smart TV

miracast smart tv for

you can Connect your computer to the TV Thanks HDMI cable Or thanks to wireless technology Miracast who will allow you Connect your PC without HDMI !

The operation can also be performed using a tablet or phone. Thus, your TV will only act as a monitor and there will be no compatibility issue between TV and Netflix.

We invite you without hesitation to get Chromecast if you want to share the screen of your smartphone or computer on your Samsung device! You’ll find it for sale here:

Visit the Netflix site for compatible devices

Finally, for a long-term solution, we advise you to contact Samsung Service. In fact, a message from Netflix was posted on the Samsung website: “Netflix has announced that due to technical limitations, as of December 2, 2019, the Netflix streaming service will no longer be available on certain consumer electronic devices, including Samsung devices.Affected TVs are only Samsung Smart TVs produced in 2010 and 2011. If this is the case with your TV, you can view Dedicated page for compatible devices.

Usually, after all these suggested solutions, all you have to do is enjoy your video. New Movie !

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