Netflix announces a documentary about the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial

Almost a year after Johnny Depp’s infamous audition against Amber Heard kept the planet in suspense for several weeks, streaming platform Netflix has announced the… Documentary based on the course of the trial.

After her divorce (2017), the Aquaman actress published an editorial in the columns of the American newspaper, The Washington Post (2018) admitting to being a victim of sexual assault.

If Heard does not name her ex-husband Depp, the Pirates of the Caribbean saga actor believes he was targeted and his career took a disastrous turn after the editorial was published. So he filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife.

Netflix will release an exclusive “Deep vs Heard: The US Trial” documentary about the trial. The project will be divided into three parts and will be available from August 16th.

The US broadcasting giant will present the actors’ testimonies “side by side” using 200 hours of recording images from the various major media outlets that covered the trial.

In addition, the platform says it used comments from various netizens (Tiktok and Twitter) on the hot topic while questioning what role social media played in the outcome of the case.

“Depp v. Heard calls into question the role social media played in the trial, raising provocative and uncomfortable questions about how conversations outside the courtroom affected the outcome,” the platform said in an announcement of the documentary’s August 16 release.

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