Netflix announced the arrival of a documentary on Britney Spears


Netflix will take a look at what left Britney Spears’ legal relationship with her father, Jimmy Spears, which sparked Britney’s free movement. This Wednesday the first progress will be announced.

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© GTThe documentary could be released before the end of the month.

After the historic victory that led to the departure of Jimmy throws As legal guardian of Britney SpearsAnd Netflix He is ready to release a documentary that investigates everything that happened. Britney vs Lansis The new production will be the streaming platform dedicated to investigating what’s behind the toxic relationship between a pop icon and her father, which sparked the movement. Britney for free.

this Wednesday, Netflix It will reveal the first glimpse of Britney vs Lansis. Posted by Twitter with little teasing She hears how the singer left a voicemail message to her lawyer in 2009. Erin Lee Kar He will be responsible for directing this production that requires more than a year of work, Variety reports.

The last point is interesting in the sense that we will have to see how he approaches the solution that the issue had a few weeks ago. Jimmy throws I decided to withdraw. The aforementioned media confirmed that there will be several people from the nearby circle Britney Spears Among those interviewed for this documentary, however, was the appearance of the singer almost unlikely, who barely made any notes during her legal dependence on her father once the situation became too clear.

Legal guardianship lasted for nearly 13 years and according to a lawyer’s statement Jimmy throws It has been terminated. “If there is Miss spears He wants to end guardianship and thinks he can control his life, Mr. Spears I think I should get that chance.” Notify the lawyer. On September 29, a new hearing will be held in the case Britney Spears It is believed that this may be the release date Britney vs Lansis.

Framing Britney Spears, the New York Times documentary that revolutionized the scene

For more than a decade, Britney Spears He lived at the mercy of his father and it wasn’t until the release of the documentary Britney Spears training, produced by The New York Times and distribute hollow, that the situation has acquired global significance. While it is true that before discussing the particular legal situation the singer was going through, this film served to clarify suspicions and expose those responsible, as well as to broaden the movement’s reach. Britney for freeWhich has won the support of various characters such as Sarah Jessica Parker And Miley Cyrus.

For more than an hour and a quarter the documentary tells how the rise Britney Spears, solidifying him as a pop star and the influence of his father in every decision of his career. Kim Caymanmarketing manager Jeff Records, with the company that Britney Taking his first steps, he said in the report: “The only one who Jimmy He told me, “My daughter will be very rich and buy me a boat.” That’s all I’ll say about it Jimmy« .

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