Netflix accused football is no longer a dream

While the French championship is going through an unprecedented crisis in the context of television rights, it is clear that football is in decline.

Football remains the number one sport in France, and in general throughout the world. Many people continue to follow the news from the world of football. But fewer and fewer people watch the games live for 90 minutes. Indeed, because the meetings are broadcast on hard-to-reach channels. But also because the new generation is spending more time on social networks or series platforms, such as Netflix, than they do in front of the TV. It is for this reason that football is less followed, explains Arnaud Simon.

You have to make the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Obviously, in front of a big event like the France team match at Euro, we will all find ourselves in front of the live broadcast. But in everyday life, we don’t have that time anymore. We have less time to watch live sports, so we are more selective. We’re there for the very big events and the rest of the time, we’ll be doing sports with the summaries. It’s only mechanical, we don’t have the time as before. But there is also a problem of envy. Football content competes with a lot of other content. Access to matches, the experience is no longer the same as participating in a normal match… It’s a real theme”, he said, in RMC, CEO of In & Out Stories, who knows football must revolutionize, like Formula One, to become more bankable again.

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