Netflix: 50% more French subscribers, so what?

There is a lot of talk now about Netflix’s “problems” including the first drop in subscriber numbers (globally). As a result, the platform wanted to reassure content creators by saying that it still intends to invest heavily.

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After two years of silence, Ted SarandosCo-CEO of Netflix, announced the number of French subscribers. According to him, more than ten million families will use the service against 6.7 million in 2020. He also specified that a family can represent up to 5 accounts, which means that the number of users can be much higher.

And then?

In addition to the will, announced by Netflix, to continue investing in content, the streaming platform leader took the opportunity to assess the “near future” of Netflix.

Sarandos confirmed during the interview that the platform is working on launching a global offering in order to offer a cheaper subscription format in exchange for ads. There is also talk of a new billing system that will allow account sharing “legally”.

The co-CEO also announced the creation of a project that would bring together experienced screenwriters with the talents of tomorrow. A project overseen by a gorgeous Hollywood model: Neil Baer (Emergency, under the dome, New York special unit…) which will already have about thirty French participants.

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A beautiful picture of France polluted by the law of media chronology. In fact, despite an agreement in January allowing Netflix to stream a movie 15 months after its theatrical release instead of 26, its boss believes that model is still “unsustainable” and hopes that period can be reduced. A few weeks in the future.

Finally, which is bad for sports fans, the platform does not intend to invest in broadcasting rights, judging them very highly.

source : Le Figaro / Agence France-Presse

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